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As online casinos continue to grow in popularity, so too does the vast catalog of options for a user to choose from. Finding the right online casino can begin to get rather overwhelming as the pure number of them continues to expand. Just because the sea is vast, doesn't mean you have to get lost in it. With the right map, you'll be able to tell when a casino is right for you and when they're simply not as strong as their competition.

One casino that has been around for over two decades in the online world is BetVictor Casino. They have established themselves as a name to remember in the digital casino industry and BetVictor casino has offered players years worth of fun through games and bonus terms. However, many users want to know how well BetVictor Casino's years of experience translates into their ability as an online casino. Are they truly one of the best, or simply another company with average bonus terms?

We take a look at everything BetVictor Casino has to offer you from their library of games to their bonus terms and promotions. We analyze their betting options and compare them to other online casinos, as well as see how their customer service and loyalty bonus terms rank. BetVictor Casino has been around for years and has provided users with plenty of features and bonuses, but how do those bonuses hold up when compared to the competition?

Plenty of Games at BetVictor Casino

This online casino offers quite the range of gaming options. You have over 600 different titles to choose from when you sign on to BetVictor Casino. You receive access to all of the classic casino games like poker, slots, roulette, blackjack, and much more. This casino doesn't cheat you on the amount of games you will have access to, and the quality of each game is quite impressive as well. Most of their games are slots, but that's a common practice for online casinos.

betvictor casino top10britishcasinos.com

BetVictor Casino works with some of the biggest names in online casino game development. Companies like Microgaming, IGT, NetEnt, and Play'n GO each have titles on their website for users to play. With such big names like those on their resume, it should be no surprise that each game you have access to is well-developed, high quality, and unique from all the rest. Even the re-skins of slots are unique and fun, offering their own twist on things.

They also include a live casino that allows players to bet on games in real time, each with different dealers so you aren't stuck with the same person each time. There are five different live casino game options: Roulette, blackjack, baccarat, 3-card poker, and Casino hold'em. Each is well-made and supported by BatVictor Casino's sturdy servers. All of their games are certified fair and playable by eCORGA which means you won't be getting scammed while playing their games.

Welcome Bonus: 500% Match Bonus up to $50
Software: NetEnt, Microgaming, IGT, Amaya, Aristocrat, Novomatic, OpenBet, EntwineTech, Ash Gaming
License: Gibraltar
Established: 1946
Payment Methods: Visa Mastercard Wire Transfer
Games: 1936+ Games

Betting and Live Sports

BetVictor Casino also boasts a comprehensive and inclusive live betting section on their website. They offer access to plenty of live sports and simulated sports. Their library of sporting options is on par with most digital casinos that offer live sports betting which was nice to see. We would have liked to see more variation in the betting choices, but they are updated in real time and offer you plenty of chances to win cash.

We also appreciated BetVictor Casino's access to simulated sports like horse racing and dog racing. These are features that many online casinos seem to forget about, but a classic touch to any real casino that we were missing. BetVictor Casino not only offers you access to these fun and affordable simulated racing games, but they also host a comprehensive list of betting options when playing them.

There is one thing that really sets BetVictor Casino apart from the competition. Their betting on live sports is much more than other online casinos. What we mean by this is that you have the chance to win much more when playing their live sports betting options. However, you also run the risk of losing much more on some sports so be careful when playing their services. With all of that being said, their game and betting pages are well-structured and easy to use.

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BetVictor Casino's Bonus Terms and Promotions

We'll start off this section by voicing the issues we had with their bonus terms and promotions. BetVictor Casino's welcome bonus is tailored mostly towards their slot machines and very few bonus terms are available for other parts. Even their betting part doesn't have access to many bonus terms and promotions. Many other online casinos offer welcome bonuses that apply to the entire casino at large. There is also a steep play through requirement of 60 deposits in seven days before you can withdraw any cash.

With that being said, they do grant you a rather decent deposit match with their bonus terms. After your first deposit, they'll match a $10 deposit with up to $50. This will support you for a while and allow you to keep playing in order to meet the steep play through requirements. While their bonus terms require a lot from the player, the amount you stand to receive if you meet their requirements on your first withdrawal is quite impressive.

BetVictor Casino also offers plenty of weekly bonus terms and promotions to keep players using their services. These include weekly free spins, prizes, giveaways, and cash bonuses. These bonus terms are a fantastic way to keep yourself playing on BetVictor Casino. We would also like to mention that there is no loyalty bonus yet which is concerning. Players tend to appreciate promotions that note their time with the company, and BetVictor Casino doesn't offer that yet.

Pros and Cons

Throughout our review of BetVictor Casino, we have encountered plenty of positives for players. The services they offer and the bonus terms and promotions are generous. Players will receive some of the best casino games any online casino has to offer as well as promotions that keep them playing. Their live casino and live betting keep you on your feet and make you feel as though you're in a real casino, playing against the house. Each of their games are certified fair as well.

As with any review of an online casino, we're bound to stumble across a few negatives that could stand to be improved. In the case of BetVictor Casino, these negatives are focused on their promotions and loyalty programs. We would have liked to see some diversity in the games that their welcome bonus is applicable towards as well as an easier play through requirement list. As for their loyalty program, it would be nice to have one for players to feel appreciated with.

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We've compiled all of our major pros and cons into a list in order to make searching this article for the information you need easier. These are our favorite features of the casino as well as our least favorites, but there are plenty more points made throughout the rest of the article that expand upon and offer more options than those featured in this list.


  • Plenty of weekly promotions
  • Vast collection of games and betting
  • Certified eCORGA fair


  • No loyalty program
  • Steep play through requirements
  • Welcome bonus is mostly for slots

Our Final Thoughts on BetVictor Casino

This is a fantastic casino for anyone looking to get their start in the online casino world. They offer plenty of weekly promotions to keep things interesting and to keep you playing. The library of games they offer is vast and unique and will keep you entertained for hours on end as you try to reach their steep play through requirements.

BetVictor Casino has been around for over 20 years and their experience shows in the quality of their service. They are a fantastic online casino that will keep players playing for years to come with no need of finding another online home. If you're looking for loyalty bonuses or diverse welcome bonuses, then you might benefit in finding another casino, but the library of games and promotions they offer is fantastic.